Mission & Objectives

The Bandmasters Championship was conceived to provide Memphis and the Mid-South region with a scholastic marching band contest of the highest possible caliber. The event is produced by the University of Memphis Band Alumni Chapter , an association of former band members dedicated to supporting the University's band through volunteer activities and financial support. 

The Bandmasters Championship is, first and foremost, an educational event. The Alumni recognize the many influences on young people today - both good and bad - and are convinced that the marching band activity has an overwhelmingly positive impact on the lives of the students who participate. This contest was created to promote marching band in every way possible - to make it more fun, more exciting, more rewarding, and to encourage students to continue their participation through high school graduation and beyond. 

The mission of The Bandmasters Championship is

To produce a world-class marching band competition that contributes to the musical, physical and social education of young people, recognizes excellence of students and educators, and motivates them all to achieve the extraordinary. 

The objectives of The Bandmasters Championship are:

• To promote the highest standards of performance in scholastic marching bands. 

• To provide recognition to students for their hard work and achievement, and to the professional music educators who instruct them. 

• To establish an event that is exciting, motivating and memorable for the participating students, and entertaining for family, friends and fans. 

• To obtain the services of esteemed music educators as adjudicators, so that they may offer constructive commentary to each participating band. 

• To encourage the growth and development of the scholastic marching band activity, both in quality and quantity. 

• To support the University of Memphis Band by contributing all event proceeds to band fellowships and scholarships. 

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