Classification System 

Bands are grouped into four Classifications as follows: 

Small Classification (A): 0-39 wind musicians 

Medium Classification (AA): 40-59 wind musicians 

Large Classification (AAA): 60-89 wind musicians 

Extra Large Classification (AAAA): 90-above wind musicians 

Classification is based on the maximum  number of wind musicians in the band at any given time during its show. Example: A band performs most of its show with 80 wind players. In the final minute of the show, however, 20 color guard members pick up wind instruments and play along with the original 80. This band must register in Class AAAA because the maximum  number of winds during the show is 100. 

Any band is permitted to enter a higher classification, but not a lower one. This decision must be made at the time of registration and cannot be changed subsequently.

Class A bands will perform first, followed by AA, AAA, and AAAA. Within each of the four classes, order of performance is determined by a draw. The draw occurs in the University of Memphis band office on the Monday following the registration deadline. It is conducted by the U of M band office secretary and witnessed by the elected officers of the U of M band.

 Each band will perform once. There will be no Finals competition. 

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